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Mammoplasty is performed with silicone breast implants. Breast is one of the most important functional and aesthetic organs symbolizing the femininity. Every woman wants to have aesthetically nice-looking breasts. However, the breasts may lose volume, sag, or their aesthetic appearance may be spoiled due to unilateral or bilateral growth retardation of the beasts, or losing weight after pregnancy. In such cases, it is possible to create fuller, bigger and aesthetically nicer-looking breasts, by means of interventions made with intent to augment the breasts and make them fuller. This augmentation can be made with breast implants, as the easiest way possible. Breast augmentation surgery can also be performed in conjunction with breast lift surgery, if needed. The breast augmentation ratio is determined by considering the person’s desire, the state and flexibility of the breast, and the sizes of the thoracic cage. However, the exact size is determined during surgery. The most important point to consider in this regard is that any implant larger than what can fit into the breast skin should not be placed. Therefore, measuring implants are used during surgery.

When implant placement surgery is performed alone for excessively sagging breasts that have lost their fullness and gotten loose, it may be impossible to provide breast lift to an adequate extent In such cases, the breast lift procedure can be carried out by removing excess fatty deposits from appropriate locations, so that the nipple can be positioned at an intended higher level.

Breast augmentation is performed with silicone gel-filled breast implant placed behind the breast tissue. Patients who apply to our clinic usually have difficulty in defining the breast sizes that they want to obtain. They often tell the bra number (85, 90 etc.) that they want. However, bras under various brands may be in different sizes. In addition, since measures such as 85 and 90 are related to the thoracic cage diameters of patients, bra numbers usually do not chance but the dimensions called “cup size”, which are defined with the letters A, B, C, D, change. The letter A refers to the smallest breast dimensions. Therefore, the patient’s expectation should be well-determined before surgery, and the possible different sizes and their causes should be analyzed. For example, breasts that have been very small from early ages cannot be augmented too much in a single session because the skin has the ability to stretch to a certain extent. Pushing the limits of this tolerance may lead to complications (such as dehiscence and capsular contracture etc.). Patients should not take aspirin before plastic surgery, and if they are on aspirin, they should stop using it 7-8 days before surgery. All the regions of the body should be free of infections. In patients over forty years of age, mammographic examination should be performed before surgery, particularly if they have a family history of breast cancer.
Breast augmentation is a surgical procedure usually carried out under general anesthesia, which lasts 1 hour, on the average. Sometimes it can also be performed under sedation and local anesthesia. For placing the breast implant, the implantation site can be accessed through three points. These are the nipple, inframammary fold, and armpit. Each of these three points has certain advantages that vary depending on the patient. The access point should be determined by the patient and her physician. No matter which access point is used, the breast implant should be applied without damaging the breast tissue and milk ducts. There are 3 areas again, for implant placement. These are the sub-muscular area, sub-breast tissue, and sub-fascial area (under the muscle membrane). Sub-fascial placement has been very often preferred in recent years because of its advantages. After the implant placement process is completed and the final shape is given, the incisions are sutured in a way suitable for the layers, and an intradermic suture is applied as the final suture. As a result, there is no such a process of suture removal after surgery. After surgery, bandage and special corset bra is put on the patients. This bra should always be worn for a month, except while bathing and in special circumstances. The body develops a capsule around the implant within a month, and the implant is wrapped up by the capsule that takes it under protection, in a sense.
After surgery, the patient takes a rest in her bed for 3 to 4 hours, and then can go home. With the special corset bra, she can carry out her ordinary daily activities. If she has kids, she is not recommended to hold them in her arms for a few days. She is also not recommended to drive a car, lift heavy things, and exercise. The day after the surgery, the bandages are removed and then she can take a shower. Exercise becomes practicable after a week, and then she is recommended to start doing exercise with lower body movements. It is useful to wait for the completion of the capsule development for upper body movements. In addition, pain felt during any movement is a guiding light. If pain is felt, there is something wrong with the movement. It is necessary to pay attention to it.
It can also be done by filling agents (hyaluronic acid) or fat injection. These methods may have to be repeated as they are not as durable as prosthesis. Often, the fat injection of the breast is used to achieve natural appearance with small touches to different parts of the nozzle after breast augmentation with prosthesis.
Breast augmentation is one of the most satisfactory surgical procedures because patients see its results early. Although companies offer lifetime guarantee for breast implants, it is recommended to have mammography, ultrasound, and implant control examinations at advanced ages, and to replace it if necessary. It should be noted that the breast tissue, as other parts of the body, will unavoidably get old and deformed. It is possible to delay these with a number of measures.



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1 - 2 Hours

14 - 21 Gün

Recovery Time

7 Days

6 - 22 Gün

Final Results

6 - 12 Months

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Things To Pay Attention

It is recommended to use corset and sports bra after the procedure.


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