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Ear aesthetic surgeries are mostly carried out with intent to reduce the size of the ear or eliminate the condition called prominent ear. In plastic surgery, the condition in which the pinna abnormally protrudes is referred to as “prominent ear” or “protruding ear”.

Most of the ear growth (80%) is completed until 5-6 years of age. Therefore, such surgical procedures can be performed before going to school. Performing the surgery at these ages can prevent psychological problems that may appear in the child. However, prominent ear surgery can also be performed at advanced ages. Surgery can be done under general anesthesia in young children, and under local anesthesia in adults. In addition, prominent ear surgery can be done at any age.

In prominent ear surgery, the cartilage tissue of the prominent ear correction is removed through an incision made behind the ear. The cartilage is thinned by using a cartilage file, in order to bend the pinna backward. Then special sutures are applied for making the bent permanent. The bent of the pinna is increased for making it closer to the head. Since the surgery is performed through an incision made behind the ear, no scar is seen when viewed from the front. Surgery takes an hour, on the average. The patient can go home the same day.
At the end of the prominent ear surgery, compression bandages are applied to the both ears. The next day, the patient is called for dressing. A little pain can be felt in the first day after surgery. Pain medications are used for revealing such pains. After removal of the bandages, it is recommended to wear a head band worn by tennis players or a hair band used by women, in such a way as to ensure that the band compresses the ears. The hair band should not be too tight or loose. A slight swelling and redness may occur in the ear after the prominent ear surgery but they will completely disappear after 3 to 5 days.
It is a technique suitable for anyone who doesn't like much exaggeration and keeps the naturalness in the foreground. Ideal for beauty and care, for those who want to change the shape of the ear and have symmetry in their ear.
Ear cosmetic surgery is one of the most satisfactory operations due to the fact that there is no need for traces, and it is done with local anesthesia and healed in a short time.



2-4 Saat

Operation Time

1 Hour

14 - 21 Gün

Recovery Time

5 Days

6 - 22 Gün

Final Results

3 Months

Dolgu uygulamalarıyla desteklendiği sonuçlar çok daha tatmin edici olur.

Things To Pay Attention

It is recommended to wear hair band for 7- 10 days.


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