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With BTL Exilis Elite, all the collagen in the body is stimulated after the energy transmitted to each tissue of the person. With the first session, the process of waking and renewing the skin begins. On the first day of this regeneration process, the effect that the person feels and the visible results continue to increase day by day. The application is called ‘’Satin Face Lift’’ because a smoother and younger skin is obtained after application.

Satin face lift is applied regularly for 4 weeks, once a week. Because of the person's highest collagen stimulation is provided in 4 weeks, there will be no benefit for having more sessions.
With the collagen that reaches the highest level after the treatment, the awakening period of the skin will be completed in 1 year. It is a situation that varies from person to person; the skin may extend this period for 1 more year to protect itself. After application, the skin does not return and the skin does not return and you can make this effect keep countinue with a cure(4 sessions) after the 1.5-2 years if you want to.
The facial rejuvenation with the BTL Exilis Elite can be applied to the entire face, it can also be combined with tick, neck and décolleté. BTL EXILIS ELITE, which is approved by the American Health and Food Organization (FDA) for wrinkle removal; The success in the treatment of eyelid sagging, detention pouches and bruises is the only system in the world that has received approval for the Eye Contour Application in 2015 after it has been proven by clinical trials. With a lower face application, a sharper line and a more pronounced jaw line are obtained.
You will see in a shorter time that the results are more effective than the other systems with the simultaneous radiofrequency and ultrasound system. The application is applied 1 week per week for 4 weeks. If the treatment is applied to the skin, extra 2 sessions can be applied. After the 2th session, the results will start to be noticeable. At the end of the treatment (if it’s supported with regular feeding) - it varies from person to person- it is possible to have 1-3 body thinning. BTL EXILIS ELITE has been approved by the American Health and Food Organization (FDA) for the destruction of cellulite. At the same time, it has been proven by clinical studies that it completely removes the wavy appearance in the body and prevents the formation of cellulite.
Regional thinning, cellulite treatment and skin tightening can also be performed with the patented body caps of BTL Exilis Elite. All of these areas are painless.
It is one of the operations that make patients smile. Because the patients can see the results right away. As a result of a 1-week improvement, positive results become more evident. The new namic, energetic and youthful look of your face will give you a much longer and pleasant time in front of the mirror.
BTL Exilis Elite treatment is the most effective treatment we recommend for postpartum, weight-related sagging, regional shaping, cellulite complains Exilis Elite, who is the winner of Hollywood Stars and has received the most success award in the world. With satin applications, you can start every new day with a tighter, more vibrant and healthier skin.