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It is one of the areas where patients demand the most frequent application because the nose is located at a very important point and directly affects our expressions, mimics and natural postures. In case of need of nose surgery or nose surgery is not needed, our patients' solution is the nose fill.

As for filling applications, it is one of the most frequently studied areas with the recent NASHA technology. With the increasing intensity and popularity of nasal surgeries, fillers have also developed products that are more specific to the nose, which are more permanent, have more volume properties, are better adapted to the skin tissue and give more accurate results. As a result of these developments, the results of nasal filling applications compared to a few years ago are much more efficient and striking. Dr. Zafer Atakan has made significant contributions to the product development process and the product follow-up process to the companies with his educational identity as a doctor. More detailed information about the subject can be found on the Academy section.

Nose filling is the optimal option for patients who want minimal changes in the nose. It is possible to remove the nose tip with nose filling, to give volume to the areas of the nose, to make the high nose arch less obvious and to solve the problems of asymmetry.

You decide on the filler to be used in accordance with your wishes and then make the appropriate planning and photographing. No anesthetic agent is used in the nasal filling process. Often, there are small amounts of local anesthetics in the fillers, so you will not experience any pain or pain during or after the procedure. The process takes approximately 10 to 20 minutes.
You can return to your daily life immediately after the treatment. You will not feel any pain or pain after the procedure. As you will see the results immediately after the process, you will return to your daily life much happier.