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The chin contributes to many facial expressions and mimi. The jaw tip and jaw line are very noticeable because they are at a point of separation. Sharp and wide jaw lines in men represent power in most cultures, whereas in women generally elegant and rounded jaw structure is preferred. Undoubtedly, it is no coincidence that top models in women and superheroes (Batman, superman, etc.), which have gained popularity recently in men, have been chosen in these features.

There was only one type of jaw prosthesis before the development of fillers up to the present day. Today, it is possible to give the shape to the jaw tip and the jaw line we want in the direction of the doctor and the patient .

As in all filling operations, the area to be treated should never be evaluated alone. The importance of correct filling is as important as the aesthetics view and evaluation. The jaw line should be compatible with the eye and circumference, neck and circumference, the jaw tip should be evaluated between lip, mouth and nose triangle.

The permanence of the jaw filling is determined by the selected agent, and chin implantation may be suggested for patients seeking permanent solutions.

You decide on the filler to be used in accordance with your wishes and then make the appropriate planning and photographing. No anesthetic agent is used in the nasal filling process. Often, there are small amounts of local anesthetics in the fillers, so you will not experience any pain or pain during or after the procedure. The process takes approximately 10 to 20 minutes.
You can return to your daily life immediately after the treatment. You will not feel any pain or pain after the procedure. As you will see the results immediately after the process, you will return to your daily life much happier.