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Thread Lifting is a non-surgical revolutionary method without surgical procedure, which is generally used as an alternative to face lift operations.

The biggest messenger of our irresistible tiredness with passing time is wrinkles and some deformations. The aesthetic expectations of men and women of all age groups for younger and dynamic appearances are rapidly increasing. Thread Lifting method is a process that will meet these needs.

Many methods have been developed under the name of "non-surgical aesthetic procedures" to respond the search for a more aesthetic appearance. Undoubtedly, one of the most popular and highly successful methods is the thread lifting method. As a result of factors such as aging and gravity, aesthetic distortions occur in the face, neck, basins, legs and arms. Thread Lifting method is a suspension method which can stay up to 6 years smoothly which is very compatible with muscles and facial expressions on the flexing and loosening face. Therefore, it is the closest facial stretching application that we recommend to our patients who do not want surgery or may not be able to do it because of a number of problems.

Zafer Atakan MD. has made significant contributions to the product development process and the product follow-up process to the companies with his educational identity as a doctor. More information on the topic can be found in the Academy section.

The ropes used in the application are composed of silicone components and do not melt under any circumstances and are more permanent than the previous methods. The lifetime is up to 7 years. The ropes used in the thread lifting method can flex 20%, so it can react to the new wrinkles on your face, streches and tighten your face. Due to its high stretchability, there is no split up in hanging and there is no changing in mimics except natural looking. Thanks to the small hooks on the ropes, it provides an effective and long-lasting application with a strong grip without damaging the soft tissues.
Reducing the lines on the nasal side (nasolabial lines), Reducing the lines from the two corners of the lips to the chin (marionette lines), To provide a more aesthetic appearance in the lines around the jaw, In forming face oval, Eyebrow lifting, Removal of the Eyebrow - forehead lines, Sagging in the neck area and stretching the entire face Thread Lifting method gives very effective results.