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90% of the skin’s supportive tissue consists of water. Hyaluronic acid is the main substance that retains water in the tissue. The amount of hyaluronic acid decreases in the aging skin. As a result of this, the ability of the skin to retain water decreases, as well. Consequently, wrinkles appear on the skin. In fact, aging of the skin is literally associated with dry skin.

Hyaluronic acid is available in all living creatures, with its same molecular structure. Hyaluronic acid intended for human tissue, saturated with brine having 99.9% purity, which is obtained in synthetic medium (NASHA), is used in the form of ready-to-use products placed in injection syringes. The reasons of why it is today’s most preferable method are the facts that it does not lead to the allergic problems encountered due to the previously applied collagen injection, it has long-lasting wrinkle reducing effects, and it enables the skin to regain its ability to retain water.

Age-related wrinkles in our face as well as the loss of elasticity in our skin can be eliminated with fillers, and then the skin can revive under better conditions. Fillers are injected into the deeper layers of the wrinkled or sagging skin. Skin that has been fuller and has gotten rid of its wrinkles by means of stretching effects becomes fresher and renewed.

Glabellar lines Around the nose and lips Forehead lines Lip contouring Lip reshaping Crow’s feet Fine lines Neck lines Dorsum of the hand Applications are made with anesthetic creams. After application intended for the lips, swelling occurs and lasts 12 hours. Erythema and swelling that occur in other regions after the application disappear within 1 to 2 hours.
People who have a migraine disease that have a negative effect on their quality of life, have a very frequent attack, have tried other treatments but have no results and have to use a lot of medication create the most appropriate patient profile for this treatment. Accurate detection of trigger points during migraine treatment with Botox is an important element, and the informations about the pain from the patient is important for the detection. By determining the trigger points in the forehead, temple and nape region, botox injection is performed with an application that will take 15-20 minutes to these points.
You can return to your daily life immediately after the treatment. You can feel the maximum effect at the end of the 10th day. All botox treatments can be repeated at your request.