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Silk lash application is one of the methods used to make lashes look longer and fuller. The procedure lasts 1.5 hours on average. Silk eyelashes are glued to each eyelash one by one and get shed out of the person's own eyelashes in weeks. The eyelashes used for three months, and renewed in every 3-4 weeks.

The adhesive used in the process must be organic and hypo-allergic to prevent the silk eyelash from causing sensitization in the eyes. Silk lash alternatives vary in length, thickness, and curvature. It is chosen according to the eye structure of the person, the silk lash structure that can be carried by the eyelash and the person's request. 1 or 2 length long, medium thick and curved eyelashes from your own eyelash; makes your eye structure naturally noticeable without the need for a make-up.

The most pouring items of the silk lashes are; oily eye makeup cleansers and eye cream. When using them, care should be taken not to apply to the root of eyelashes.

There is no damage to the eyelashes as long as careful usage and maintenance.
With silk lashes, you can enter the bathroom, sauna, hammam, sea and pool. You should not leave it wet for a very long time and remove the wetness a little.
Yes, you can make your daily makeup easily.
Mascara is applied, but users do not need it in their daily life. If you want to use a very intense eye makeup, you can apply mascara to your silk eyelashes. But make sure your eye make-up remover is fat-free. Otherwise, your silk eyelashes will shed much faster than usual.