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Laser electrolysis is a preferred permanent method to get rid of unwanted hair. Shaving, chemicals, depilatory, waxing, tweezers and epilators are not permanent solutions but cause a loss of time and money.

Most laser hair removal devices are based on the principle of selective photothermolysis. By sending the laser beam over the hair, the heat energy that is concentrated in the hair root causes only the effect on the target point. This heat energy has little effect on the surrounding tissues, destroys the target structure and ensures permanent destruction of the hair by destroying its growth.

On average, it is possible to reach the desired results between the applications, after 5-6 seances with an interval of 2 months. This period can get longer to 8-10 seancer. The period varies from person to person. The success rate of the hair is increased in black hairs, thick and lighten skin colors. After the procedure, it should be protected from the sun for 2 weeks, sunscreen should be applied, the skin should be kept moist and avoid irritation. Water should be avoided on the first day after the procedure, should not touch the hair roots between the seance intervals. After sunbathing, it is necessary to wait at least 3 weeks for laser application. The risk of skin staining may occur if its not waited.

Types of Laser Electrolysis

  • Alexandrite Laser

The risk of side effects is minimal. Since it has a wide range of adjustable pulse width, it can be applied on all skin types. It is a device with air-cooler that can adjust the heat with 1-6 level and coordinated with a cooling system that can puff out with maximum -4 C continuous cold air. Does not touch the skin when shooting. The hairs leave the surface immediately after epilation. Suitable for light colored skin and dark feathers. As it has 3-time cooling system, that we call ecooling, cooling and postcooling, does not cause any pain during the application.

  • Ruby Laser

The oldest type of laser epilation used for hair removal devices. It is one of the most effective methods for thin and light colored hair. However, when used in dark skin types and bronze, the risk of burns and stains is very high. Suitable for very light color skins. The area they scan for each shot is much smaller than other laser hair removal devices.

  • Diod lazer ( 800-810 nm )

The wavelengths of the lasers give information about how deep they can infiltrate to the skin. The diode laser can easily penetrate deeper. For this reason, it is preferred in the regions with deep hair and dark skins. Slim and light colored bristles can be applied easily which cannot be done with other devices. This method is more painful because of the fact that the laser can reach the lower skin layers. To minimize pain, coolant gel is used and people suffering from epilating are prevented from suffering. On the diode laser, the coolant gel is applied over the skin and the head is moved at constant speed; therefore, this method is also called ironing.

  • Nd: Oil Laser

Nd: oil laser is not very sensitive to those who have dark skin color and those who have bronze skin is preferred because on dark skin burning does not occur and application area is more limited. Men are more preferred.

After the procedure, hair follicles can become clear and erythema may occur. However, erythema is rarely lost in the end of 24 hours, after 1-2 hours. Treatment with moisturizing creams should be provided. People with a very sensitive skin structure may rarely have edema or acne. With the necessary treatment methods recommended by the skin doctor, recovers in a short time.
The number of seances with thick, black hair and light-skinned people decreases while the number of seances in light colored, thin hair structure and dark-skinned people increases. On average, 5-6 seances are sufficient, but the number of seances may increase according to the skin and hair structure of the person.
The hairs are poured in the treatment area within 15 days after the application. For the next laser application, hair output is expected. This period is 2 months on average.
After the hair and skin type has been analyzed well, laser hair removal can be done on every skin color and hair type with proper application method and device technical settings.