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Time passes, and the traces of aging begins to appear first in our face. This aging process gains speed with the addition of harmful rays of the sun, polluted air, improperly applied skin care products, and stressful life. Due to this accelerated process, we see the wrinkled, weary, and old skin that has lost its elasticity, every day when we look at the mirror.

Today, the concept of “quality aging” gained a place for itself, besides the concept of “living a long and healthy life”. The latest radiofrequency and ultrasound system BTL EXILIS ELITE, supporting the concept of “quality aging” which has been developed for those who want to eliminate today’s unfavorable effects, provides permanent solutions. With this latest technology, it is possible to achieve visible results in the health care sector, with non-invasive methods providing maximum effects in the minimum time without adverse effects.

Focused Radiofrequency + Ultrasound Technology Waking up the skin is the first way to return back to a tight and beautiful skin. The skin is woken up by activating the youth protein collagen available in our body. The collagen is stimulated by the energy of BTL EXILIS ELITE delivered simultaneously to all layers of the skin; and consequently, a new connective tissue begins to form. We can call this process as the renewal of all the layers of the skin through stimulation.
BTL Exilis Elite ile kişinin her dokusuna iletilen enerji sonrası vücuttaki tüm kolojen uyarılmış olur. Birinci seansla beraber cildin uyanma ve yenilenme süreci başlar. Bu yenilenme sürecinin ilk günü kişinin hissettiği etki ve gözle görülür sonuçlar her gün artarak devam eder. Uygulama sonrası daha pürüzsüz ve genç bir cilt elde edildiğinden dolayı ‘’Saten Yüz Germe‘’ olarak adlandırılmaktadır.All collagen in the body is stimulated with the energy of BTL Exilis Elite delivered to every tissue of the patient. The skin’s awakening and renewal process starts with the first session. This effect felt by the person on the first day of this renewal process as well as the visible results increasingly continue with each passing day. The procedure is called “Satin Face Lift” because of its ability to provide smoother and more youthful skin after application.
Satin face lift is performed regularly once per week, for a period of 4 weeks. Since the highest collagen stimulation of the person is ensured within 4 weeks, any greater number of sessions will not be useful.
The process of waking up the skin with collagen that reaches the highest level after the treatment is competed in 1 year. The skin may extend this period for one more year to protect itself, and this may vary from person to person. The skin does not return to its previous state; and if you want, you can ensure the continuance of the effect by having another cure consisting of 4 sessions after 1.5 years.
Facial rejuvenation procedures with BTL Exilis Elite can be performed on the whole face, and can also be performed as a combined process involving the jowl, neck and cleavage areas. BTL EXILIS ELITE approved by the American Health Organization (FDA) for the elimination of wrinkles is the only system approved for also Applications for Eye Contour in 2015, after the verification of its success in the treatment of sagging eyelids, under-eye bags and dark circles with clinical studies.
Local slimming, cellulite treatment, and skin tightening applications can also be made with the patented hand-pieces of BTL Exilis Elite. All the applications intended for these regions are painless.
You will see in a shorter time that the results of the radiofrequency and ultrasound systems used simultaneously in conjunction with each other are more effective than that of any other systems. The procedure is carried out once a weekly for a period of 4 weeks. If a treatment intended for tightening the skin is administered, more extra 2 sessions can be planned. Noticeable result will begin to be achieved after 2 sessions.
It has become the most preferred system since it provides the most effective result in the shortest time to those who complain about sagging and local deformities due to post-natal overweight, and the appearance of cellulite. We invite you to meet with BTL Exilis Elite preferred by Hollywood stars (Kim Kardashian, George Clooney, Madonna…), a system that has received greatest number of achievement awards in the World. With the satin procedures, start every new day with a tighter, livelier, and healthier skin…