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FUT method is the process of extracting the hair in the nape area between the two ears by formulating and calculating the hair according to the frequency of the hair, the elasticity of the region, the openness of the area which will be planted. The striped haired skin is 15 – 20 cm long, 1 – 3 cm wide. The hair strip is then divided into small pieces to obtain hair roots (grafts).To have the least amount of scar and correct healing of the wound, taking of skin strip and closure of the wound should only be carried out by the Specialist Plastic Surgeons. During the procedure, local anesthesia is applied to the donor and the recipient area, you will not feel any pain. The process is carried out after the extracted hair is prepared. It should be kept in mind that in FUT technique there will be a thin line between the two ears. The FUT method is not recommended for men who want to use their hair short. The most important advantage of the technique is that the hair does not need to be cut short. It is ideal for patients with white hair and who like to use their hair a little longer.

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