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Mesotherapy is literally the treatment of the middle layer of the skin. The aim is to be effective by injecting less active substance into the area to be treated. This method is used on the face, haired skin and body. In hair mesotherapy, special serums containing vitamins, minerals and trace elements are injected directly into the middle layer of the hair root. It provides revitalization of damaged hair, helps the treatment of the hair loss caused by a disease (thyroid disease, anemia etc.). In addition, it is an effective treatment method for various hair loss reasons such as stress, prolongation of the seasonal hair loss and malnutrition.


The drugs are injected near the site of the pathology. In this way, the effectiveness of treatment is increasing. To briefly summarize the benefits of mesotherapy;

  • Local (Local) application is possible
  • No side effects
  • Provides the facilty of superficial intra-dermal or subcutaneous application, the active-bioavailability of the drug is the main objective of treatment
  • Medications are given in minimum doses and are given by the doctor himself
  • Session intervals are longer than other routine hair treatments and applications
  • Reasonable operation cost for all budgets
The drugs used in mesotherapy are very diverse. These drugs are approved by the FDA (American Food and Drug Administration), mostly herbal and are sold in pharmacies. It is important to know the pharmacological properties of the drugs used in the mixture to be made, their interactions with each other and their potential for side effects. As with all pharmacological procedures, it is best for you to be treated by a doctor you trust.
After the seances start, you can see positive changes after 4-5 seances on average. The amount of the session varies from patient to patient, but unconditionally the first positive results will need to be 3 months. Hair mesotherapy is applied for 8 seances, 1 seance per week in the first month, 2 seances in the second month and 1 session per month for 2 months. After a 3-month treatment period, your hair and scalp improvement can be seen with eyes easily, and your hair gets a healthier and stronger appearance and your total amount of hair increases.
Medication: Medications can be beneficial when hair loss starts and when there is no complete opening, but when the dilution starts. Drugs are very beneficial in some patients, but they cannot meet expectations in some patients. The effects of medicated treatments vary from person to person due to both genetic and physiological reasons. Medicated treatments gives the beset positive result when they are used after hair transplantation in order to protect the existing hair. In general, herbal remedies have low hair growing rates, instead they should be used in order to preserve and strengthen existing hair. Such products are effective only as long as they are used. Hair loss continues when they are not used. There are several types of products approved by the International Association of Hair Surgery (ISHRS) in this area. If you want to get more detailed information, you can fill the contact form to get called by Europlast Expert staff or you can reach us on 05303535555 whatsapp line.