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While healthy and dense hair is important for a beautiful appearance in men, beards and mustaches are also very important in terms of self-confidence and external appearance, especially in recent years, along with long and properly cut beards. Beards are not available in the desired amounts and density in some individuals, mostly for genetic reasons. In this case, the most suitable and almost the only treatment method for the person is beard and mustache transplantation. In addition to transplantation, if the treatment is supported by PRP treatment, it is not possible to distinguish the hair strand planted in the beard and mustache area from the pre-existing beard and the naked eye. International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS), according to figures published in 2016, in Turkey Hair, Beard and Mustache cultivation is rapidly increasing numbers and percentages of success.

Why do beards fall out or not at the desired level?

The density, thickness and hair quality of the beard are completely determined by the genes as part of our genetic heritage. The amount of beard of each person is coded in his own genes. With the adolescence entered, beard hairs thicken and begin to take terminal forms. Beard bristles retain these characteristic forms, unless there is a significant change in male hormone levels in the years to come. If the desired level of beards did not come out after the adolescence period is over, probably because of your genetic structure, your beards will not grow at the desired level. There is no effective, satisfactory treatment of hair removal in hairless areas through cosmetics or medication. A similar situation is valid for beard hair as it has validity in every part of the body. The solution for this is beard and mustache cultivation.

Beard and mustache loss can occur for reasons related to skin diseases as well as autoimmune diseases. Apart from these, hormonal imbalances constitute the worst problems. Hormonal disorders are seen more frequently, especially in individuals who work under intense stress in their daily life. Testosterone, called the male hormone in the language of daily use in men, is produced daily at certain levels. If testosterone hormone is not produced enough, the situation should be controlled by external intervention. When testosterone level decreases, many diseases can be seen, as well as hair and beard loss. In addition to these reasons, one of the rarely seen diseases called Alopecia Areta is hair and beard loss. But the treatment of this disease is not dermatological treatment of the skin, but beard transplantation. If you wish, you can call the Europlast Expert staff by filling out the contact form to get more detailed information or you can reach us on the whatsapp line 05323535555.