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Unshaved FUE method is a method that developed to increase the comfort of patients with the rapid increase in success rates and populeren in hair transplantation. It is a method developed especially for male patients who like to use long hair and for women who do not want to wait for their hair to grow. Unshaved hair transplantation is divided into 2 which are regional trimming and no trimmingUnshaven hair transplantation is a more difficult and long-lasting procedure compared to the classical FUE method.

In the regional shaving method, only the area which is called as donor, where genetically non-spillage hairs are found, is shaved in the form of lateral slits, and the traces are hidden between the long hair. It is a method that can be used in patients who need to be transplanted between 1000 - 1500 grafts. Although it has no advantage in terms of the doctor and the team, it is very attractive for patients who like to use long hair and who want to hide the symptoms of hair transplantation operation.

In full unshaved FUE method, the hair is taken from the donor area without shaving and the doctor removes the grafts from the long hair and sowing is performed. As the hair is not shaved in the donor and received area during the sowing, the traces are much less visible. Unshaved FUE is a much more difficult and long-lasting procedure than the conventional FUE method. Because of the difficulty of the procedure, it should be done by highly experienced, patient, specialist doctors. In the full unshaved FUE method, compliance is determined after the examination of the physician.