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Certain problems such as too thin or too thick legs, bowlegs, and excessive fat accumulation at the sides of the knees and ankles are problems that cannot be solved with exercise or diet. Certain procedures such as calf implant placement, liposuction, fat injections, and filler injection are carried out for solving problems in the leg area. These procedures can be performed alone or sometimes in conjunction with each other at the same time. If the thicknesses of the regions above and below the knee are different, if the thicknesses or shapes of the two legs are different, or if the legs look crooked, the problem can be solved with calf implant placement or filler injection.

The mentioned problems can be solved in liposuction in some cases, it is necessary to apply both liposuction and leg prosthesis in order to obtain a better result. The implants used for this purpose are made of silicone, such as prostheses used in breast augmentation. They remains in the body for life and has no harm to the organism.
The surgery takes about 1 hour. Sutures are hidden (intradermic) sutures, which are not required to be removed. We recommend our patient to wear compression socks for about 2 weeks, and avoid exercise for a period of 1 week.The surgery can be done under spinal epidural or general anesthesia. The implant is placed in a pre-calculated and determined pouch in the leg, through a 3 cm incision made on the natural crease of the skin just behind the knee, on rear-inner side of the leg.
The patient walked after feeding. The patient can be discharged on the same day. Pain, swelling and bruising in the leg minimized by drug treatment and procedures to be applied. Bathing is allowed within 2-3 days. Custom corset is worn 4-6 weeks. You can return to work in a 10-12 days. Heavy activities are allowed after 1-2 month. Special diet is recommended after surgery
Besides implants, fat or filler injection is another procedure that has been highly popular in recent years. This procedure is carried out completely under local anesthesia. It can involve filler injection as needed, and allows for patients to return to their routine activities. Patients mainly prefer the procedure because it is performed under local anesthesia, and enables them to quickly return to their social lives.
After this surgery, women who have never worn a skirt before choose to wear their clothes, so we can say that they get happy psychologically.



2-4 Saat

Operation Time

2 Hours

14 - 21 Gün

Recovery Time

7 - 10 Days

6 - 22 Gün

Final Results

4 - 8 Months

Dolgu uygulamalarıyla desteklendiği sonuçlar çok daha tatmin edici olur.

Things To Pay Attention

It is recommended to use special corset after the process. Weight gain should be controlled within the diet and sports program given to you.


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