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Excessive sagging, excess adipose tissue and excess skin can be found in the leg area as well as the abdomen. Quick weight gain and unwanted, drooping leg images with gravity effect occurs. The purpose of the thigh lifting operation is to get a flat image in the area and get rid of excess fat and skin.

Pre-operative medical information, general body examination is performed. The causes of fatigue and sarcoma are determined, and the appropriate operation depending on the skin elasticity is determined by the doctor.
Surgery is performed under spinal, epidural or general anesthesia. The stretching started by leg's bikini line with the cuts from the back of the side leg or in the groin area. Your doctor will advise you the most appropriate treatment after your examination.
The patient walked after feeding. The patient can be discharged on the same day. Pain, swelling and bruising in the leg minimized by drug treatment and procedures to be applied. Bathing is allowed within 2-3 days. Custom corset is worn 4-6 weeks. You can return to work in a 10-12 days. Heavy activities are allowed after 1-2 month. Special diet is recommended after surgery
Leg stretching is often performed as part of the combined sagging aesthetics, and it is possible to give the leg even thinner and healthier appearance with the leg stretching process as well as the liposuction operation.
After this surgery, women who have never worn a skirt before choose to wear their clothes, so we can say that they get happy psychologically.



2-4 Saat

Operation Time

2 Hours

14 - 21 Gün

Recovery Time

7 - 10 Days

6 - 22 Gün

Final Results

4 - 8 Months

Dolgu uygulamalarıyla desteklendiği sonuçlar çok daha tatmin edici olur.

Things To Pay Attention

It is recommended to use special corset after the process. Weight gain should be controlled within the diet and sports program given to you.


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