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Although today the modern perception of beauty is tried to be adopted as narrow and small buttocks, round shaped buttocks still retain their charm as always in the history. We observe the expression of this subconscious thought in the female figures used in the drawings of famous painters, as well. Pompous and well-shaped buttocks of women depicted in drawings have always evoked fertility and abundance, and have been considered to be main the symbol of femininity after the breasts.

Although the aesthetic trends change over the years, the only thing that will never change is the fact that well-shaped breasts and buttocks are perceived as the female power… A curved, thin waist accompanying a tight, lifted and well-shaped buttock perfects the femininity.

Eligible candidates for buttock reshaping include all those who have deformity due to genetic inheritance (greater or smaller than the required size), who have lost their forms after giving birth, who have sagging buttock skins as a result of bariatric surgery or frequent weight gain and loss, who have nodule-shaped small fat deposits in their regions where excess fat deposits cannot be burned despite exercise and diet.

Since some drugs can interact with anesthesia or they have side effects, the patient should inform her physician of all the drugs that she uses, before surgery. Especially aspirin and its derivatives should be discontinued at least one week before surgery. Since smoking adversely effects wound healing, it should be avoided for a long time before and after surgery. Before surgery, the physician should be informed of complaints such as common cold and throat ache. 6 hours before surgery, eating and drinking should be discontinued. The physician may request certain tests for being able to decide on doing the surgery under local or general anesthesia. A patient accompanist may be required for aiding the patient after surgery.
There are several buttock reshaping procedures. They can be administered alone and in combination. Most commonly buttock reshaping procedures include; – Buttock reshaping with lipolysis and fat transfer, – Buttock reshaping with buttock implant, – The procedure that involves the combined use of the fat transfer, lipolysis and buttock implant placement techniques, – Buttock reshaping with fillers, – Buttock reshaping procedure that involves the use of the patient’s own buttock muscles. All buttock reshaping surgeries other than surgeries performed with fillers are performed under general anesthesia, and their durations vary depending on the technique used. This time ranges between 30 minutes and 2 hours.
When preforming the buttock reshaping procedure, lipolysis and liposhaping techniques may often be required in the hip and waist areas as well, for ensuring the buttocks to look more lifted and nicer; and these procedures can be carried out in the same session.
It can also be done by filling agents (hyaluronic acid) or fat injection. These methods may have to be repeated as they are not as durable as prosthesis. For buttock reshaping procedure, lipolysis and liposhaping techniques is used to achieve natural appearance with small touches to different parts of the nozzle after breast augmentation with prosthesis.
Buttock implant surgery is a procedure performed under anesthesia, which is intended for lifting the buttocks by making it fuller, better-shaped and more voluminous with silicone gel-filled implants placed into/under the buttock muscle, as in breast implant surgery. Operation takes 45 to 60 minutes when performed by experienced hands. Since the accessed through the buttock fold, scars are generally invisible. Surgery requires a hospitalization period of 1 to 2 days and the use of drain for 4 to 7 days. It gives very good results in patients who are active but have droopy buttocks. There are anatomic and round-shaped versions of implants. The physician selects the implant in the appropriate size and shape, and then the procedure is carried out. After the procedure, the implant can remain there for life-long if the patient wants.
When preforming the buttock reshaping procedure, lipolysis and liposhaping techniques may often be required in the hip and waist areas as well, for ensuring the buttocks to look more lifted and nicer; and these procedures can be carried out in the same session.
Fat transfer is of high reliability because it is performed with the patient’s own fat. It may need to be repeated. It poses no significant risk when performed meticulously in a sterile manner and when the surgical rules are observed. In this regard, the most important point is to ensure the procedure to be carried out by an Aesthetic, Plastic Surgery Specialist.
Buttock implants are silicone gel-filled implants as stated above, and can be used for an indefinite period of time.
The life cycle of the suspension procedure varies depending on the patient’s age and tissue. It can be repeated or combined with other procedures.
It is useful when appropriate method is determined and the procedure is duly carried out.
It may be required in some cases. Your surgeon will inform you about such operations and their durations.
You can begin to exercise after 5 to 20 days, depending on the type of the procedure.
Just in the same day. It is because; the sitting region on the buttocks is not intervened in any procedures.



2-4 Saat

Operation Time

2 - 3 Hours

14 - 21 Gün

Recovery Time

7 - 10 Days

6 - 22 Gün

Final Results

6 - 12 Months

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Things To Pay Attention

It is recommended to use special corset after the process.


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