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It is one of the most commonly performed cosmetic surgical procedures. All procedures carried out under various names such as liposhaping, liposculturing etc. mentioned in different sources are basically the same. Liposhaping is actually the common name of all the procedures under the title of lipo.

It is in the group of commonly and frequently performed surgeries intended for both men and women. Especially with the effect of estrogen, the classical fat accumulation regions in the hipline, waist, inside of the knee, abdomen, stomach and sometimes the back (at advanced ages) are noticeable in women. In men fat accumulation is usually localized in the belly and waist regions. However, in the male-type fat accumulation, the amounts of fat on the internal organs of the abdominal cavity (omentum) increase and this situating cannot be easily eliminated without dieting and exercising.

In the female-type fat accumulation, women mostly complain about the hipline. Besides this, the lumbar and abdominal regions as well as the areas inside the knee are the other regions commonly requested to be corrected. Rare regions include the arms, jowl area, lower leg, the nape of the neck, ankles, face-cheek region, and breasts.

A general body examination is performed before the operation. The regions where the fat will be taken and the amount of excess skin are determined by the specialist. Skin elasticity, skin thickness, skin - oil relationship is a very important parameter in liposuction operations and must be examined. Before the surgery, incision sites and surgery are planned, followed by appropriate photographing.
It can be done under local or general anesthesia, depending on the size of the surgical site and the patient’s request. Before starting the operation, the surgical sites are marked, and the amount of fat to be removed is determined. After this process, a special fluid called tumescent fluid is applied to the determined surgical areas. After this process, the laser process is initiated. The adipose tissue to be removed is thoroughly softened by applying laser—in pre-determined dosages—to the areas, to where the fluid has been applied. Afterward, the excess fats are removed through a vacuum pump or the syringe. The primary objective is to shape the adipose tissue, i.e. the body. The operation should never be intended to slim the person down. However, when a certain percentage of fat mass is removed from the body, the person necessarily gets thinner. The surgery can be performed in all the regions at a single session, or separately in each region. After the both options, stretch compression socks or corset is put on the patient, and the patient is instructed to keep it for a period of 2 to 4 weeks after surgery. If the amount of removed adipose tissue is greater than 2.5 liters, the patient is usually advised to stay in the hospital overnight. Although various clinics have various methods, the maximum amount of fat that can be removed in a single session does not exceed 10 liter. As already mentioned above, the objective is to reshape the body of the patient, not to slim him/her down. In addition, one of the most important issues that should be kept in mind is that the melting process lasts 90 days in the adipose tissues after laser lipolysis, and the melted fat cells are discharged with urine. In other words, the reshaping process continues for 90 days after surgery.
After surgery, the patient is taken to his/her bed, and then fluid replacement is provided in an amount parallel to the amount of fat removed from the body. If hospitalization is needed, this fluid replacement is provided intravenously throughout the night. That same night, a reddish blood-like fluid may be leaked from the surgical sites. This is normal, and the leakage will stop the next day. The corset is put on the patient in the operating room, and the patient is advised not to take off it except for bathing and certain conditions. Since the tumescent fluid given during surgery contains local anesthetic, the patient does not feel a severe postoperative pain. Patients usually feel a pain like pains felt after doing a heavy sports activity, and it is eliminated with painkillers. Swelling and bruises may occur immediately after surgery. These swelling and bruises may last several days to several weeks. In a sense, the length of this period depends on the patient’s tissue. Certain homeopathic tablets and creams are helpful in this regard. The next day after surgery, the patient can take a shower and feel fresher. A week after, the patient is allowed to do sports activities without straining the body.
Vaser liposuction procedure, which has gained popularity in recent years, is shown as an alternative to liposuction surgery. In addition to this, it is important to increase the success of liposuction and laser lipolysis surgeries with sports and diet. If patients are prepared for this as a mood before the surgery, the outcome of the surgery appears much earlier and the success increases. For this purpose, we propose to our patients to prepare appropriate diet and sports program at the end of the surgery and to continue body shaping with experienced personnel trainer.
Immediately after the operation, the patient may not immediately notice the amount of received fat, the new, healthier shape that the body receives due to the swellings, but with the use of a regular corset in the short time such as 1 week to 10 days, the patients are most satisfied with the liposuction surgery. It should be noted that; The human body consists entirely of organic substances. These substances have the ability to be easily influenced by foods, living conditions, psychological and environmental factors, and any external and internal factors imaginable. No human body can stay the same forever. Surely aging and deformative changes will be seen. Healthy eating, sport, positive life and energy will delay the occurrence of these deformations as much as possible. It is no longer a secret that the people who keeps life energy high, has longer average life and quality of life. So I would like to draw attention to sports, healthy nutrition and positive life once again.



2-4 Saat

Operation Time

2 Hours

14 - 21 Gün

Recovery Time

7 - 10 Days

6 - 22 Gün

Final Results

6 - 10 Months

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Things To Pay Attention

It is recommended to use special corset after the process. Weight gain should be controlled within the diet and sports program given to you.


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